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Hot Trax Wedding Receptions

 A wedding is the most important day of your life, and the entertainment can make or break the reception.  We do what it takes to make sure the big day is an awesome success.

We love a lot of communication in the months before the show, so we can customize your wedding to your tastes.  We start with emailing you a login and passwords to our "On-Line Planning Forms" where you can do the following:

1. MUSIC REQUESTS - You can add songs to your "Must Play", "Play If Possible" & "Do Not Play Lists".  You can even listen to clips of the songs through Amazon, and see the lyrics.  If you need an idea for a certain event, we even offer a "Music Suggestion Page".  You can even encourage your guests to request songs they promise to dance to, with their own login to your wedding planner page!

2. CEREMONY & RECEPTION PLANNING FORMS - We have over 30 years of experience in weddings, our planning forms contain every possible ceremony/reception tradition.  You can specify yes or no to each item and customize every song for each event.

3. EVENT TIMELINE - You can give us a detailed (or rough idea) of the reception timeline.

4. ON-LINE PAYMENTS - For your convenience, we offer online payments.

bride and grrom on dance floor

When we receive these completed planning forms, we will meet with you approximately 10 days-2 weeks before your event to go over all of the details.  Your DJ/ Master Of Ceremonies will make all announcements from start to finish, so you guys can sit back and relax and enjoy the event the event, not having to worry about small details.

All aspects of the reception are considered including the setup, DJ attire, introductions, announcements, formal dances, and song choices.  We are willing to help with anything to make the event special and are happy to offer music suggestions.

On your wedding day, we arrive hours before your guests, to make sure everything is ready to go.  You'll see us coordinating with the other vendors so that your event goes smoothly.  We are professional, experienced, approachable, and completely open-minded.

We have experience keeping the dance floor full while catering to the wide range of age groups.  The volume is kept at just the right level and music requests are always welcome.  Every performance is done with style and class, setting the stage for a magical event that your guests will fondly remember.

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